This New Year

Another Year.

A ticking clock,

The pendulum swings

side to side.

A pointer to the past,

a pointer to the future.

Slowly she creeps in,

this new year.

Her tempo, the pace

of the grandmother’s heart.

Silent, steady, ready to shed

the skin of wishing,waiting, wanting ,

watching the pendulum swishing,

her hands pushing out the past,

and reaching for the future.

 And when the final bell chimes,

she clothes in her case

those who have closed the door.

I love. 


I love.

I love,


 I am



 Copyright. Talia Hardy. 30.12.2011.


5 thoughts on “This New Year

  1. A thought provoking verse.. you really have a way with words Talia and I look forward to reading more from you…Thankyou for sharing your creativity with us… Have a wonderful new year… 🙂
    Big hugs!

  2. What an exquisite poem on the New Year, pointing forward and backward, “shed[ding] the skin of wishing, waiting, wanting…”. Especially at this time, we can’t look forward without also looking back. It’s a bit of a weird feeling. Perhaps at this time more than another, we cannot be just in the moment. I have felt that in a vague way but love this poem for making it so explicit. Happy New Year, Talia, and may it bring you much joy. Monica

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