Until You Return. (When Love Flies Away)

This morning.

A dull ache in the back,

an imprint of you spooning,

no longer there.


In the mirror.
Your face, misted over by droplets,

a reminder of intimate moments,

shared by two.


At the breakfast table,

Two plates, two spoons, two cups,

one folded broadsheet—a copy of The Times,

shadowed by sugar untouched.


When evening falls.

A candle flickers

softening the face that knows,

you are out there, somewhere,

under this soothing moon,

occluded by an ocean’s distance.


And moth like she is drawn

to a blinking tail light,

trailing a message across the sky.

Home. Home. Home. Home.

To you soon,

he will be home.

Copyright © Talia Hardy 2012.

For lovers everywhere, young or old.

‘ Sometimes, it is not about time and distance. It’s about making the journey.’


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