There is no Goodbye

There is no Goodbye

 Today will be different when you open the door.

I cannot be there with you to welcome the dawn.

And that moment when you and I shared the scent

of dew on the lawn,

Or the sound of the lark’s call beckoning from the beck,

will not lose its weight upon your world without me.

 Because there is no goodbye.

 And should the blue of your eyes cloud,

and your hand no longer capture rainbows,

because I walk no more beside you or,

shadow your steps as you mop my mud-puddle prints from the floor

remember the bridge between you and I.

 It’s not that far away.

 Just look to the cotton drifts in the sky

And often, in the future that is yours,

you will see the form of me, waiting patiently

to welcome you home

as I did before.

Because, there is no goodbye.

For Cherno.
Copyright©Talia Hardy 2012

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