The Catch of the Day

The Catch of the Day

Fresh from his fishing ketch docked
as fingers of sun touched a dwindling night sky,
on a plate, grains of rice profuse with yellow
provide a playground for pink prawns and green peas
in an alluring game of hide and seek.
To accompany it, in slender stemmed rose tinted glasses,
Rioja offers the promise of orgasmic bliss.

OctopusAnd in her remiss, fair Saffron, with wisps
of hair framing her face and feathering
across the pink of her cleavage
feels not, oiled tentacles of the octopus
projecting through a languorous smile and
encircling an English Senorita’s waist.

Copy right©Talia Hardy 2012 
Artwork and Photography: Lindsey Bieda

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