Paying for It

Paying for It

 Anne Sommers works all day giving demonstrations
and returns home too tired to tend to him or
listen to his heated remonstrations.
Harold is hungry and cold and food is in the fridge
but risks the short trip to the convenience store
where chemically enhanced candy entices him
in and strips him of fifty dollars and more.

 And once home with his pleasured stomach sated
with guilty contraband he’ll softly say
‘had a nice day, dear’ whilst dishing up
her frozen microwaved supper he’s slaved
over all day, oblivious to the sore
developing under the skin of his penis.

 Copyright©Talia Hardy 2012
Photography: ADFFTS

5 thoughts on “Paying for It

  1. Talia, I love the “chemically enhanced candy” and the “pleasured stomach sated”. You are in a darkly realistic mood these days – no sugar coating for you.

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