Apocalyptically Yours

Apocalyptically Yours

When long necked cranes puncture the sky
feathers flutter and fall from its bladed arm
and below an overworked washing machine whirls
growling gravel in a bucket; belching.

The monsters are busy today.

In response to the carnage trees uproot and walk away
and desolate rainforests weep in despair
for their embryonic brothers
encapsulated in concrete; suffocating.

The monsters are busy again today.

Hidden in an earth layered bunker
a lava heart lies waiting for the moment
that the cockroaches set fire to my flesh.
And after acid rain baptises my grey remains,
their steel shelled cousins will return; creeping
like armoured tanks to predate on putrid flesh.

The monsters will be busy that day; retreating.

Copyright©Talia Hardy 2012 
Photography: Talia Hardy 2011.

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