Unshackling into Summer.

Greetings fellow WordPressers—Do I sound like an alien addressing earthlings? Given my absence, it certainly feels like it. How are all your creative endeavours progressing?

Of late I have been subdued because I have been working towards deadlines. Also, quell surprise, a brief involvement with National Flash Fiction Day culminated in my story, Arrivals and Departures, being accepted for publication in an anthology entitled Kissing Frankenstein and Other Stories, now available from Lulu.com for a nominal price.

As I developing writer, this was my first submission and thank Rachel Carter and Martha Williams for all their hard work in producing the first edition of Flash Fiction South West, a division of National Flash Fiction Day spearheaded by Callum Kerr whose forthcoming pamphlet is due to be published this summer by Salt.

For the next couple of months, like Martha and I suspect Rachel, I will be taking time out to focus on other pleasures, like gardening, photography and ankle nippers. It’s going to be so liberating to escape the shackles of the grey slab on the desk and breathe more than poetry and prose. Wet summer days will also present an opportunity to devote some time to reading and enjoying the diversity of your your blogs and writing.

‘We do not know what is around the bend, except life itself.’

On that note, I wish you all happy holidays and for those of you who are not in the best of health, may the warmth of sun across your back bring you a much welcomed benefit.

Yours poetically and most sincerely Talia.

Photography: Talia Hardy.

5 thoughts on “Unshackling into Summer.

  1. Missed you and wondered where you went! Thanks for the update and CONGRATS on your accomplishments. Now go play, and pat yourself on the back too while you’re at it! 🙂 By the way, very cool your National Flash Fiction Day relationship, I had a story last month in this year’s anthology. SMALL WORLD! (love the pic here by the way).

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