This Woman

This woman knew that in his mind

he would wander in the Garden

of Amaranth kicking up a drift

of fallen seeds which lay like

pink tears wept from his myopic eyes.

In the distance she stood waiting

for the moment when his need

was the greatest as he grappled

to make sense of all the years

blurred by time gone so fast.

Tight lipped she watched him fall

Into the pit of darkness

and as he limped towards the light

she carried the water to bathe

the weeping blisters on his feet.

And as nights gave birth to moons

and days cloaked his sun in grey

he did not see this woman

in his garden planting a grave

with swathes of white heartsease blooms.

When summer came and still the sun

Hid behind a blanket of gloom

This woman lay in his arms

And whispered my work is done

Now the rest begins with you.


©Talia Hardy 2013.

6 thoughts on “This Woman

  1. You are a amazing storyteller. Your poetry and story brought me in and held my attention. I enjoy your type of writing. Real life and allow the reader to feel and understand the story or poem. A entertaining tale. Thank you.

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