The Green Eyed Monster

Guilty Cat

The warm spot you just vacated when you went to make a cup of tea

Seems a feasible place for me to grace even though you say

‘It’s your chair and you spent an hour ridding it of my hair.’ after work.

I think I will sit on that and leave you to contemplate what your next move will be.


The freshly laundered pile in the washing basket waiting to be ironed

seems ripe for an after-supper siesta even though it contains that mohair sweater

he bought to keep you warm when he’s not there to hold you in his arms.

I think I will sit on that and wait to see what his next move will be.


The feather-free pillow you bought to soothe his sinus and his gammy neck,

seems to beg for my occupancy in his absence even though I have been told

in no uncertain terms that space no longer belongs to me.

I think I will definitely sit on that and aggravate his ‘feline allergy’


The absurd pair of tartan slippers tucked neatly beneath the bed,

the ones he danced in to ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ to seduce you

seems more preferable than the tray slung out the back door since your first date with him.

I will do more than sit on them and wait patiently for the Highland fling to begin.

‘Wishing you all a Happy Weekend.’

©Talia Hardy. 2013

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