It’s so strange how clouds foretell

many things if we allow

the brain to yell the truth out loud.


I thought love was meant be

like light and soft wind-flown

not broken winged and empty


like that unopened part of you

which loomed like a whale

in the sky in slow motion.


But you’ve blown my heart away

like a dandelion clock

freed from the lock of your palm.


It’s hard to stop the yearning

for something which grew like weeds

But at least you set it free


before your hand closed tight

and crushed its many white seeds

Or before whale rain swallowed trust


And the cogs of a fragile clock

became diseased with scarlet rust

and stopped in its ceaseless turning.


© Talia Hardy 2014


Image ©DiegoFiorin


2 thoughts on “Dandelion

  1. I felt your pain – been there, done that, got the blooming t-shirt!!

    I thought I was subscribed to your blog but I don’t seem to be receiving notifications. so I have subscribed again!!


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