Old Man In Sorrow

NaPoWriMo, an acronym firmly engraved on my bones. It’s that time of year again and WordPress is alight with good, bad and downright ugly poetry. Here’s my contribution to the mix.

Morning throws off stale moonlight and enrobes
in a mantle of blue and gold, But this
man’s eyes are exhausted, and emptied
by bones grown old and wintered in misery.

I loved,once, in a time of simplicity.
Her eyes were myosotis blue, and she
was like summer thunder, pricking muscle
fibre and filling the air I breathed.

But now she lies in the foreign country.
And at her sleeping stone, I have cast seeds
into the wind in hope, that with each
emerging spring part of her would return to me

And sitting on the edge of sleep once more
I made this walk, through swags of cypress trees
and while perusing, for what used to be
I saw love in swathes of flor-abundent blue.


Old Man In Sorrow. Van Gogh

Old Man In Sorrow. Van Gogh

 Image Rights: Fine Art America

©Talia Hardy 2014


4 thoughts on “Old Man In Sorrow

      • Oh, I was just saying it (the image) must really capture the feeling .By the way, you comment on NaPoWriMo made me laugh out loud, but your poetry is far from bad or ugly. You are in the better than good category. 😀

      • Thanks Josh,

        I spend a lot of time editing my work, and even then some poems fail to please me. I think my mentor would probably consign this one to the unpublishable pile. But that is part of the writing process.

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