Old Woman Washing

I do not believe in a theistic God.
But what is it about water which
is so immersive for body and brain.

Be it brook, river or sea
we are drawn into it
feet first, waist high, or to be

submerged and feel the stop of breath
the beat of heart, inside the ear,
like a lost memory of the womb.

And when I lie in a blood-warm bath
soap suds glisten like pearls
and skin gives up its flaccidity

as if to mirror my inner self
the fertile lover, the dreamer,
the woman rooted in constancy.

What is it about when we emerge again?
like new-borns, the smell of sex erased,
yet somehow so like Aphrodite.

Or that feel of grey pebbles underfoot
of our soles, like foundations
until the next wave lifts us skywards. 

Foot washingImage sourced from Gracie Rules@Wordpress.Com

©Talia Hardy 2014


One thought on “Old Woman Washing

  1. What is it indeed about water that is so soothing? I quote your initial lines here:

    “But what is it about water which
    is so immersive for body and brain.”

    Could this be due to the fact that all life emerged out of water? Could it be that water therefore remains the elixir of life? Could it be that the 90 % water that we are made of in some way finds solace and oneness as we immerse ourselves in it?


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