35 Years


It seems I have loved you all of my life
You who moulded yourself to my feet
like a pair of new shoes which pinched
and then softened to fit perfectly.
I recall when they laid you on me
turning pink and visibly breathing
the afternoon air like an old man
freed from time in captivity.
I remember when you first walked
not towards me but to touch the knee
of someone’s brother and it seemed
those steps would seal your destiny.
These memories are like ends of string
fine and wafting on a soft breeze
as time’s pen edits and imprints
versions of authenticity.
But some are like embers forever
alight when we talk and breathe
on half a life walked together
and apart on different roads
Yet synergised laterally
by restless seeds of womb and heart
embedding deep in our soles
like love born of bloodied stones
And from a distance I feel them grow
your shoots entwining at my feet
like shoes in which to find release
from sins etched in dreams and bones.

Image: This Life’s Not Perfect@wordpress.com


For my firstborn on her 35th birthday with love from Mum



©Natalia Spencer 2014


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