Seeing Things.

This  poem was written in the run up to The Mid Somerset Festival. It was influenced by Seamus Heaney’s use of metre and in response to visual stimulus.

It’s not perfect but American Poet and critic, Carrie Etter deemed it worthy of The MSF Silver Award. 


Seeing Things

Out into half light
on the doorstop a milk bottle,
its silver cap star-slit by a tit’s beak.

In the sky a murmuring
of starlings dark and turning
into silent air like a god in retreat.

In the dank murk
the sole colour were bolts of marigolds
growing wild near an airbase
where jet propelled birds
with bulbous nose cones seemed
to roost on long rivers of tarmac.

In the stop still world
of a six year old, marching to school,
behemoths only existed in dreams.
Then I saw my father
in her prefab classroom, half lit
by dim yellow light, drinking coffee.
And in her raven hair
that orange flower, like a lightning bolt
shot out across a cloud heavy hemisphere.

©Natalia Spencer 2015

Murmuration Laura Thorn

Image Rights: Laura Thorne
Flikr Creative Commons

Ms Etter’s latest collection Imagined Sons, is a deeply reflexive Birthmother’s narrative of loss and the need for reconciliation. It was also shortlisted for The Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry.

Imagined Sons is available from Seren Books or Amazon, for you Stateside Poetry lovers. 




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