Refugee by David Urwin

To date, there are many refugees encountering ‘push backs’, which is against EU Bill of Rights. Many that do make it through are held in detention centres until they are processed or made to stay indefinitely. Those that do stay receive basic care which is often inadequate.

Of those who are released, many are forced to live in inhuman conditions, beg on the streets, sell bric a brac, risk arrest, risk more beatings.

I am not a silent poet

Though we conquered your continent;

though we stripped you and shackled you

and put a shovel in your hand;

though we told you to be grateful

for Bible and shovel;

though we told you to dig

for diamonds and gold

for copper and cocoa

for coffee and tea,

whilst we built our palaces out of sight;

though we subjugated other continents

and peopled them with our own refugees

from poverty or persecution,

from struggle or starvation,

and though we gave the natives

glass beads for their jewels;

though you now gather at the gates

of our palaces,

built from your dust and your sweat,

we have no need for more of your kind,

though you die

by the boatload

in the seas around our fortresses,

full of hopes and dreams;

though you die

under the wheels of our speeding commerce,

you who are nameless

from unpronounceable places,

we have…

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