Being Good

Clever and Skilful, Peter Notehelfer’s Poem Being Good raises many questions about the poet speaker. a must read and the clue is in the word Ornery, perhaps.

Gathering Stones Strung on Threads

Ian Fairweather pinterest.comIan Fairweather

Comes a time
in a man’s life
when one’s too old
to consider being bad
An old man robs a bank
they come take him away
not to jail but a hospital
for a mental evaluation
Take no fingerprints
simply ask him for
his SS number

On the flip side
an old man finds
goodness no picnic
Watching every word
can wear an old man out
as not watching any skirt
will land him in the pen
since his wife doesn’t
think he’s truthful
since “Old men
are all lechers!”

So here I sit
waiting for a bus
to come haul me off
wherever it is they take
old men who don’t matter
Not really trying to be good
I’m just too damned tired
to work hard enough at
being as bad as I was
before I reformed
my ornery ways

” . . . To be…

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