The Canteen Lady Opened

the hatch and asked if I wanted gravy
to the side of the mashed potatoes
But I thought she said
open your legs wide, the punters want a photograph
Then she said, would you rather we shove your head
down the latrine while a furious dog
licks his cum from your ass
or have seven men pound your face until you choke
It transpires she’d said
I know you hate peas, have some broccoli instead?
And then I thought she said
that child inside you, a little more coke
and a coat hanger will remove the last shred
after the blood and pus abates
It transpires she actually said
the water jugs are on the tables, it’s okay to help yourself.


©N M Spencer 2015

After Mark Waldron, The Brand New Dark. 2008 Salt Publishing.


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