Found in a Drawer

We hear them on a film roll
a message which is not a telegram

Soldier you speak of having fun
There’s a twang in that honeyed Yorkshire accent

Although I have never met you          & never will
I want to blow a child of The Somme                        a kiss

You never knew your real father        a man
who could have been     & was not

Somewhere out there at the lip of a crater
a hipbone curves         like a smile at the sky

Easy to be pragmatic while I walk my dog
Calm cerulean blue overhead

Only cross hatch fluffy Chem trails
appear to lock us in

And it’s been so long since Albert’s Golden Virgin
tried to leap from The Basilica as if

she wanted to topple into their arms
As if she wanted to print herself        into bone marrow

Into nothing…

I’m too young to know what this really means
you both died  and we bring you back

a mute pastiche dragged through stations
the notice board says  Severe Delays
©Natalia Spencer 2016


2 thoughts on “Found in a Drawer

    • Many thanks Ronald.

      Good poetry begins with reading contemporary work. It is a fool proof way to avoid cliches.
      Tip. Read poems on Poetry Foundation. Very inspiring. Also write several drafts & edit until you have a sparkling koi gliding through water.

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