Day 75

Gulls here again revolve like boomerangs

At Redcar a man shelters in a seafront hut

while a woman discards her cardigan held up

to protect her from storm turns & runs full tilt barefoot

Now & then she shoots her best medusa look


Stay, stay still as stone let me be your shield

you are the shell I found in wet sand

I am the beautiful monster who lives in you.


On the flip side of this an inverted Y shape scar

lines his shirt      chilled he stares at tinseled light hung

above freight ships out of Stockholm–perhaps

chasing a space left by someone flown

gone from flesh to bone to ash fields


lady your dungaree pockets filled with debris

half fled from life my frail mollusc heart still beats

the cry of gulls will wing you here again one day


& In this sudden rush I find him

Long legs aimed at unknown bearing(s)

weak spring rays thread his mane

Home’s journey may last decades

I coil      I hiss      rattle.


©Natalia Spencer 2019

Image Rights: Michael Coghlan 2015






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