About Talia Hardy

I am the daughter of an ex-RAF officer, who died 2011 from terminal liver disease.

My life began in Libya but I was born in the South West of England.

Some years ago I revisited Africa, away from the tourist trail, and saw that women still beat their laundry over stones at wells.

Imagine having to do this whilst trying to feed a family and ensure they get some semblance of an education. Their children often have to walk for miles, whilst we stand and moan about the frequency of public transport.

Am I politically motivated? For sure, I feel privileged to have been born a western woman, at liberty to pursue my goal of becoming a published writer.

In 2013 I graduated from university with a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing and prefer to write poetry, prose, short and non-fiction.

My poem ‘Seeing Things’ won The MSF Silver Award for a poem in response to visual stimulus.

It is unlikely I will publish any of my best work here because it is reserved for literary submissions.

South West Coast Path



Best Regards Talia. B.A. Hons. CWsin


Linton’s Legacy.
Copyright © 2011 Talia Hardy


10 thoughts on “About Talia Hardy

  1. We sure do have it easy. Who’s to say those who beat the rock and have to walk aren’t happy anyway? 🙂 Simplicity is so underrated, and living in a non-materalistic and different way than our harried consumer society is underrated too. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into your blog! 🙂

  2. May you find joy in your writing; *that* is what qualifies you as a true writer, not whether you make a fortune at it or others approve. It took me too many years to realize that after worrying for so long that I didn’t have a recognizable career, let alone a sense of Vocation, my real calling was simply to be myself, and the most true to that self I could manage to be. Hardest job of all, never mind a career! But by far the most compelling: just be oneself and revel in being best at it. Silly, simple and, well, *worthwhile*. That you *do* write well is icing on the cake!

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