A Selection of my Amateur Photography.

Places I have visited or moments I have captured through the lens.

‘For some, time and distance mean nothing. It’s about making the journey.’


Crane at Redcar

Crane at Redcar, North East England

Redcar Beach, North East England.

Such is beauty and tranquility without human intervention


Blue Whale Skeleton

Darwin Centre, Natural History Museum London.


Welcome shade at 75 degrees

Newton St Loe, Bath Uk


2 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Love your photograph of Darlington Station Talia. Brings back memories of when I was on Royal Signal courses in Catterick many years ago. The station hasn’t changed 😀

    • Thanks Ralph, The last time I alighted at Darlington was November 2014. The architecture is very interesting and I like to think many lovers have said their hellos and goodbyes on the platforms. But not me. Far better to say adieu at the door and keep walking.

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